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Electrostimulator Russian Waves, TENS and Square Waves with 8 Electrodes



Electrostimulation is a technique that by means of electrical impulses of short duration and with micro currents allows to excite the muscle fibers of the body.

According to the frequency, both the slow, medium and fast fibers achieve remarkable results in terms of toning, hypertrophy, muscular rehabilitation and resistance, also acting against flaccidity and cellulite.

In the case of TENS, periodic current impulses act on the nerve fibers with an analgesic effect on pain and inflammation.

The VitalTronic BIOSTIM-4A Electrostimulator works with symmetric biphasic waves of rectangular impulses, this type of impulse presenting the best power performance and effectiveness per unit of time.

The VitalTronic BIOSTIM-4A Electrostimulator has four types of waves.
Russian, Square, Low frequency TENS and High frequency TENS.

• Russian waves:
They are used to tone, firm and help fight cellulite, it consists of trains of low frequency pulses modulated with high frequency, the latter allows the action of the impulses to a greater depth on the muscle tissue, and also allows to generate muscle hypertrophy more intense than other techniques.

• Square Waves:
They manage to tone the muscles in a progressive, gradual and lasting way, they are softer than the Russian currents and since they are less frequent they are more comfortable and more suitable for people with high sensitivity.
They act effectively by eliminating localized fat and promoting lymphatic drainage.

• TENS (Periodic Wave):
For both chronic and acute types of pain, acting on the fast and slow fibers, producing a notable blockage of pain. For best results, our equipment allows us to select the two types of TENS at different frequencies, to treat both slow and fast fibers.

Technical specifications:

• RUSSIAN WAVES: 200 microseconds symmetrical biphasic pulses, frequency 150 HZ modulated to 2500 HZ
• SQUARE WAVES: symmetrical biphasic pulses from 200 to 300 microseconds, frequency: 60 to 80 HZ
• Low Frequency TENS WAVES: Frequency 50 to 70 HZ, periodic for slow and medium nerve fibers
• TENS WAVES High Frequency: Frequency 160 to 180 HZ, periodic for fast nerve fibers.

• Electro muscle stimulation mode:
Activity time (work): Adjustable from 1 to 10 seconds
Rest time: Adjustable from 1 to 10 seconds

• Technical specifications:
Equipment power: 25 watts, 220 volt C.A 50 HZ.
Class I equipment with ground connection.
Double electrical insulation.
4 adjustable output channels.

• Packaging:
1x VitalTronic BIOESTIM-4A Electrostimulator
4x 5cm conductive silicone electrodes
4x 10 cm conductive silicone electrodes
6x elastic bands adjustable to the whole body
1x 100 cm3 hypoallergenic conductive gel pot

Additional information

Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 25 cm